Whether you are a new resident of Emmaus or one of our surrounding communities, a visitor from out of town, or a registered member of St. Ann's, our parish family welcomes you!  We hope that you join us for Mass, and we would like to greet you in person.  Our parish has many activities and events that are highlighted in this website.  We welcome you to join us, and get involved.  Come and see!  May the Peace of Christ be with you!

Msgr. Ed Coyle, Pastor

Msgr. Ed Coyle, Pastor

Anthony, the Parish Pup

Anthony, the Parish Pup


Monsignor Edward J. Coyle; Pastor

I'm very excited to be here at St. Ann's Parish! When I was first called to the priesthood back in high school, it was actually a little scary having such a strong feeling at such a young age. But when I saw the genuine joy and sense of community that the Church extended towards others, and seeing teachers and faculty truly united in Christ, it drew me in. It was real. I want to share in that same joy and happiness at St. Ann's.

When I first arrived here at the parish, I was so impressed with the genuine love throughout its community! There's a great spirit and connection with God already. My hope is to help everyone deepen their faith and personal relationship with God, as well as help us to see the face of Christ in each other.

This is a really vibrant community that lives by the new motto, W.A.R.M.— Welcoming, Accessible, Relevant and Mission-driven. As your pastor, I want to be a part of that—to help follow the Spirit working in all your lives now and help draw out from you the gifts you already have.


Father Dominic Thao Pham; Parochial Vicar

Monsignor Thomas E. Hoban; Pastor Emeritus

Dominick F. Amedeo Jr.; Deacon

Richard Fenton, DEaCON

Richard Fenton, DEaCON

Richard Fenton; Deacon

I was ordained a Deacon in 2002 in the Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut by Bishop William Lori. I have been serving at St. Ann's since 2013 after my wife Dianne and I relocated to the Lehigh Valley to be close to our two children and three grandchildren.
It has been my joy to meet so many wonderful parishioners as together we advance on our pilgrim journey.

Thank you for your interest in our parish community. I look forward to meeting you and serving with you in our collective mission of making Christ visible in the world today.

Peter Schutzler, Deacon, AND WIFE KATE

Peter Schutzler, Deacon, AND WIFE KATE

Peter Schutzler; Deacon

It is such a joy to be a part of this wonderful parish! It truly is a blessing to serve with the wonderful people here at St. Ann's as a deacon. Deacons are ordained to a ministry of service. We assist our priests and our Bishop in bringing the light of Christ to the world. We often stand hand-in-hand serving alongside the faithful members of this parish as together we serve our community. 

My wife Kate and I have been blessed with two wonderful daughters and our family is so happy to call St. Ann our home parish. I am honored to be a veteran of the United States Coast Guard. I was a teacher and administrator in the East Penn School District and later in the Diocese of Allentown as the Principal of a K-8 Parish School. I look forward to meeting you and working with you to serve our community.



Fran Hieter - Parish Secretary

Joanne Jasinski - Book Keeper

Mrs. Diana Kile -  St.  Ann School Principal

Dr. Carol Traupman-Carr - Choir Director

Kathleen Beck - Music Ministry Coordinator / Organist

Christine Kimock - Director of Religious Education (DRE)
Phone: 610-965-6888

Jan Klucar - Facility Maintenance/Grounds Keeper