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New this year at the Fall Fest Beer Garden…

Funk (Emmaus, PA)
Funktoberfest, Citrus IPA
Bikes! (lemon radler)
HiJinx (Allentown, PA)
Wicked White (wheat beer)
Helles Yes (lager)
Bonn Place Brewing (Bethlehem, PA)
Mooey (english style bitter)
Fegley's (Allentown, PA)
Hops Explosion (IPA)
Saucony Creek (Kutztown, PA)
Pegasus on Inline Skates (american pale ale)
Great Barn (New Hope, PA)
Dunkel Shaun Peanut butter porter

Complete List:

Funktoberfest - Funk Brewing, Emmaus, PA - 5.9% ABV, no IBU
Our FALL FEST featured beer! This traditional Märzen Oktoberfest lager is brewed with all German malt and hops. A slight toasted hazelnut flavor with a touch of sweetness and a dry biscuity finish. This is the lager of your dreams.
Citrus IPA - Funk Brewing (Emmaus, PA) - 6.7% ABV, 170 IBU
A crisp and aromatic West Coast IPA made with a clean malt base that allows the grapefruit, orange and pine flavor of the hops to be showcased in both the aromatics and the taste. In 4 words or less: YOUR. NEW. GO-TO. IPA
Bikes! (Lemon-Radler) - Funk Brewing (Emmaus, PA) - 4.4% ABV, no IBU
Our house witbier recipe blended with 180 gallons of lemonade. The term Radler originates with a drink called Radlermass (literally "cyclist liter") that was originally created by Innkeeper Franz Kugler in a small town named Deisenhofen, just outside Munich. On a beautiful June day in 1922, a reported "13,000 cyclists" crashed Kugler's party. Fast running out of beer, he blended it 50/50 with a lemon soda he could never seem to get rid of, and the rest is history.
Wicked White (Witbier) - HiJinx Brewing (Allentown, PA) - 5% ABV, no IBU
A refreshingly smooth easy drinking Belgian Style Witbier (wheat) brewed with orange peel and coriander. Have you ever had Hoegaarden or Blue Moon? This is better!
Helles Yes (German style lager) - HiJinx Brewing (Allentown, PA) - 4.7% ABV
A pale, German lager brewed with Pilsen and Munich malts, and just a touch of hops.
Mooey (English bitter) - Bonn Place Brewing (Bethlehem, PA) - 4.8% ABV
Smooth & easy summer beer. Old school English style ordinary bitter, richly malty, creamy, slightly hoppy, caramel herbal bitterness.
Miller Lite - 4.2% ABV, 7 IBU
A refreshing, easy drinking all season beer that started the light beer phenomenon. Continues to be one of the most recognizable and largest selling beers in the world.
Hop Explosion (American IPA) - Fegley's Brewing (Allentown, PA) - 16oz Cans - 7% ABV, 70 IBU
West Coast IPA style with a big hop grapefruit-citrus character and a hoppity-hop high bitterness give a pleasant bite with a citrus aroma and a sweet malt flavor.
Pegasus on Inline Skates (American IPA) - Saucony Creek Brewing (Kutztown, PA) - 16oz Cans - 6.4% ABV, 30 IBU
Our hazy, hoppy, smoothie style IPA refreshes and fuels you with notes of vanilla, mango and subtle milk sugar sweetness. Farm to Table. Farm to Pint. We grow our ingredients on two of the owners' farms, and then make beer with that stuff that grew out of the dirt.
Oberon Ale (American Pale Wheat Beer) - Bells Brewery, MI - 16oz Cans - 5.8% ABV, 26 IBU
This wheat ale is made with only 4 ingredients and without any spices or fruit. Fermented with Bell's Saaz ale yeast and wheat malt give it a citrus orange spicy hop character with mildly fruity aromas. A classic summer beer!
Watermelon Wheat (Wheat Ale) - Lost Coast Brewery (CA) - 12oz Cans - 5.0% ABV, 18 IBU
A refreshing award winning watermelon ale that combines our Harvest Wheat with natural watermelon essence.
Dunkel Shaun Peanut Butter Porter (Wheat Dunkel Porter) - Great Barn Brewery (New Hope, PA) - 16oz Cans - 5.3% ABV, no IBU
Taste somewhere between the creamy chocolate ice cream and scrumptious peanut butter swirl. Bam! Farm grown & brewed in Bucks County PA.
Veltins Pilsner (German Pilsener) - Product of Germany - 16oz Cans - 4.8% ABV, 21 IBU
This award winning pilsner, a light lager, is especially refreshing on a hot summer day. Pilsener and pilsner are interchangeable terms for the same lager that is indigenous to Plzen (Pilsen); a city that was in the Bohemia part of Germany and is now part of the Czech Republic.
Swipe Light (Craft-Light Ale) - Southern Tier (Lakewood, NY) - 12oz Cans - 4.0% ABV, 15 IBU
Swipe Light isn't like the other basic light beers. This ale provides a complex and refined craft flavor at only 110 calories. With a 4% ABV, it's a match for those who crave a refreshing, easy drinking experience.

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