Are you looking for a way to participate more fully in Mass and use your musical talents to enhance the liturgy and inspire others to lift their voices in song? Then consider joining St. Ann's Music Ministry.


  • Enhance the liturgy with traditional or contemporary music.

  • Encourage and lead congregational singing by confidently using their vocal and instrumental talents to praise God.

  • Know that those who sing pray twice!


There are three different ways to participate in the Music Ministry at St. Ann's. If you enjoy making music with others, the adult choir or the contemporary ensemble might be right for you. If you prefer working alone or with one or two others, you can volunteer to be a cantor (leader of song), organist, or pianist.


  • Adult choir is an SATB choral ensemble of about 40 singers led by Dr. Carol Traupman-Carr, made up of high school students grades 9-12, and adults.

  • The choir sings at the 10:30 am Mass every Sunday, September through June, and special Masses throughout the year, including Christmas Eve (caroling at 9:00 pm, followed by 9:30 pm Mass), and Easter Triduum services (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Vigil).

  • Rehearsals are held in the weekday chapel on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-9:15 pm.

  • Choir members need to be able to sing in parts and harmonize with others.

  • The ability to read music is helpful but not required.


  • Contemporary ensemble is a group of 8-10 singers and instrumentalists, including guitar and other string and wind players, led by Jeanne-Marie Maiale made up of high school students grades 9-12, and adults.

  • The ensemble provides music for two Masses per month, September through June - at 9:00am Mass on the first Sunday of the month and at 5:30 pm Mass on the third Saturday of the month.

  • Rehearsals are held 30 minutes before each Mass and several additional times throughout the year.

  • The ability to read music is very helpful.


  • Cantors are soloists who lead the congregation in song during Masses when the adult choir or contemporary ensemble are not serving.

  • Cantors have a strong, clear voice to lead congregational hymns, sing the Responsorial Psalm, and other parts of the Mass.

  • Organists and pianists accompany the congregation, choir, and other vocalists during Mass. St. Ann's volunteer cantors, organists, and pianists are trained and supervised by Kathy Beck and asked to commit to sing and/or play at certain Masses monthly.

  • Adults and students in grades 5-12 who are proficient and confident in sharing their vocal and instrumental talents are encouraged to investigate serving as a cantor or musical accompanist at Mass.


For more information about or to join our Adult Choir, please contact
Carol Traupman-Carr.

For more information about or to join our Contemporary Ensemble, please contact
Jeanne-Marie Maiale.

For more information about or to volunteer as a Cantor, Organist or Pianist, please contact
Kathy Beck.