The Gospel of John 12:20 recalls a story when a group of Greeks came to Andrew and "asked to see Jesus." Today many people look to St. Ann's as a parish and ask a similar question - show us Jesus!

Over the years our parish continues to show discipleship by supporting missionary activity and outreach. We have supported missions in Kentucky, Belize, India, and local charities through our Parish Missions envelopes. 

Thank you for generously sharing your gifts to the Parish Missions and pointing the way to Jesus!
Our most recent Parish donations (as of September 2019):

Allentown Warming Stations


Provides warmth and caring to local homeless families.

Mother of Mercy Parish


An inner-city Philadelphia store-front Catholic Church providing hope in a difficult area

Mlomolimoto School


Helps St. Ann's sister school in Zimbabwe, Africa.

Mission in El Salvador


Supports the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart in building wells, schools, and senior centers in El Salvador. (A friend who visits St. Ann for Mass helped at the mission in El Salvador and keeps us informed of their important activities.)

Family Promise


Provides temporary housing and job training to homeless families in Lehigh and Berks County.

Father Stephen's Ministry and Mission in Ghana


We donated $5,000 for his Families in Need, and $5,000 for his missionary work spreading the Gospel in Ghana. Father Stephen promises to send pictures in the near future. He is very grateful for his time in Emmaus.


Thank you for supporting our missionary outreach. God calls us all to discipleship and it's God's love that motivates our actions. Let's continue to be grateful to God for His abundant blessings by showing others the way to Jesus.