Rooms on the parish campus are reserved for meetings of parish groups by contacting the Room Scheduler who maintains the Parish Meeting Calendar. (Note this calendar is for parish group meetings, not large parish-wide events.) For questions about this procedure, or if you need help, contact the Room Scheduler, Mike Elwert at, or phone 610-965-5973.

To reserve a room for a meeting of your parish group, first check the Parish Meeting Calendar below to verify that the room you plan to request is available, and has not been reserved by another group.

  • For a Non-Recurring Meeting:

If you have a Non-Recurring Meeting (one to three meetings), email the Room Scheduler at, with your name and group name, the room you are requesting, the meeting date, and the meeting start time and end time. The Room Scheduler will schedule your room, and send you a confirming email when your room has been entered onto the Parish Meeting Calendar.

  • For a Recurring Meeting:

If you have a Recurring Meeting, (i.e. repeats every week or every month), Click Here for the procedure for Reserving Parish Rooms for Recurring Meetings.